Returning to the office - — Solutions for physical distance

A long-term investment in happiness and health.

Even after Covid-19, our solutions will still prove their value. Today, they’ll create a much-needed physical distance to increase your employees’ feelings of safety and health. Today and in the long-term, our solutions will contribute to acoustically well-balanced spaces, tackling common issues such as echo and reverberation, especially in open-plan offices. This will make your employees more productive, happier, and healthier. A worthwhile long-term investment.

Going back to the office doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

Every organization is seeking ways to keep their employees safe, secure, and effective upon their return to the office. In what ways can your company get started when your current workspace doesn’t comply with the current physical distancing protocols? Or if your employees are feeling somewhat anxious about returning?

The last thing you want to do is welcome them back to a cold, sterile office filled with warning signs. You’d want to see the interaction, collaboration, and a warm environment, all while keeping physical distance protocols intact.

In this booklet, we’ll show how to create such a space with

• ready-to-use spatial solutions and quick fixes in warm, colorful, easy to clean materials for workstations, meeting rooms, and open spaces.

• a home office solution for those days your employees continue to work remotely.

How to create safe zones in open-plan offices?

Office dividers will help you define different zones in your open-plan office, offering peace of mind for

your employees. They’ll create sufficient distance between workstations, informal meeting rooms, and

break-out areas, in addition to producing a natural flow while moving around the office.

• Desk partitions

• Office Dividers 

• Privacy booths

we also have Work from home solutions. 

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