The Process

Smarter spaces inspire…

Strategic, intelligence and purposeful office design not only results in a more confident and energised workforce but can also set in motion a refined outcome across multi-tiered platforms for the organisation.

Needs Analysis  

Workflow, processes, and employees’ activities will be defined and described. As a result,  the arrangement of space, zones, and areas as well as the number of workstations, will be determined.

Macro Layout  

In Macro-layout, zones and areas required using the client need analysis will be roughly positioned in the specific space allocations. The existing building grid forms the foundation of Macro-Layout and enables the space-efficient planning of the office layout.  

Micro Layout  

Micro-Layout depicts zones and areas of the closed offices, workstation, and space layout in detail. This results in the concrete definition of the arrangement of space with office and corridor walls: partitions, 

Furniture & CW Proposal

In the fourth and last phase of implementation, Civil works & furnishing suggestions will be specified. Only at this time will the office furniture ranges be defined.  Selections will be based on the wishes of the customer and of the pre-determined budget.


Your design journey starts here

1. Meeting pods

Work happens everywhere in this highly energized office including this acoustically built meeting pod that blends social with active tasks.


This meeting pods are just begging for people to come together and discuss opportunities, resolve problems, and make their organization a more successful enterprise!

2. Workstations

Multi workplace options without restrictions allow individuals to carry out their tasks wherever it is suitable providing both privacy yet still remaining within eyesight.

It is time for the new office. The small, uncomfortable, and noisy workplaces are replaced by multipurpose workstations that are acoustically sound and ensure suitable levels of comfort for the whole day.

3. Telephone Booth

Telephone is a phone booth that improves privacy when taking phone calls in open spaces and office environments. Its insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds. This phone booth can be installed without changes to existing structures or walls, as well as reassembled in another location. Despite the compact size of this phone booth, it is spacious enough to fit a high stool or a chair.

Everyone knows how distracting some unwarranted noise within the office can be. Quieten them off with a beautifully designed and perfectly acoustic insulated telephone booth.

4. Break-out Area

Fuel up. Take a break. Get together. Work or relax. While most social it is also a place to be alone, but with others. It’s fun to be close to the action but view it from the edge. It should be full of personality, different from its surroundings, and worth seeking out in its own right. These are destinations for gathering, social interaction, and work.

5. Collaboration Area

Collaboration is important, but ideas come from individuals People need to collaborate – encourage it – but people also need space to focus, concentrate, and decompress. Sometimes the best place to work alone is among others, where you can feel the energy of the group, but be protected and have enough privacy to do your own thing. Inspire people to do their best work; their best thinking. Create intimate spaces within public areas. Structures inside  Structures. Edges between social and private space.