Ministry of Health

Accomplishing a promising future

The Ministry of Health (MoH), by way of its objectives, policies and projects included in this strategy, seeks to accomplish a promising future vision and following a vigorous tender process elected to award ID Works their new office project for the design of their workspace across many platforms. With innovation as a core interior workspace design factor and the use of workplace office interior breakthrough state of the art technology ID Works Global were best suited to undertake this role.

MOH is committed to the mission assigned to it since its first coming into being; i.e. the provision of healthcare at all levels, promotion of general health, and prevention of diseases, in addition to developing the laws and legislation regulating both the governmental and private health sectors. Aside from that, MOH is accountable for performance monitoring in health institutions, along with the research activity and academic training in the field of health investment.

Size: 5,500 sq.m.
Location: ITCC, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia