Height Adjustable Desk

Bench Height Adjustable Workstation

Ergonomic systems tailored for modern desks 

This desks meet the requirements of people with different styles and specifics of work. Manually or electrically adjustable height of the worktop allows to fit the workspace to one’s individual needs and simultaneously introduces an alternative to long lasting sedentary work. A Control Panel with built-in memory allows to define a preferable setup and return to it anytime. Thanks to that functionality, adjustable desk will be a perfect pick for traditional offices as a base for individual sit-stand work stations. What is more, it can help to create new ways of professional functioning such as hot-desking or co-working. The selection between single and bench desk is a convenience of equipping any space.

Always on the move

Back ache and tension are the most frequent complaints associated with office work. Activities that do not involve much movement and are largely performed in a seated position can permanently damage the spine. Flexible sit/stand desks are an effective remedy. Merely the movement involved in switching from a seated to a standing position activates the cardiovascular system and eases the strain on the muscles, vertebrae and spine. This helps prevent poor posture and one-sided strain

One of the simplest and most effective solutions for getting your cords up off the floor where they can cause trouble is the under desk cable tray. This is a basket style tray that attaches to the underside of your desk via screws, which allows you to route cables through it so they're out of sight and elevated.