Worldwide Workplace Furniture Solutions

At ID Works, we stock and deliver some of the finest, healthiest, and most awarded furniture systems in the workplace industry. Furniture systems are sourced from Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, and German affiliate factories in East Europe.

How to outperform, stay healthy & love where you work

1. Dock in, plan your day, e-mails check

With more than 100 furniture brands from around the world ID Works can propose both a high quality and an affordable plan with suitable designs

The open plan – either unmitigated disaster or success at the office. Which of these have you experienced ? At ID Works a meticulous design to open-plan ensures enough privacy and quiet has been considered for each person whilst maintaining an integrated feel . How do we do that? Contact us to find out…

2. Grab a coffee, chat with someone, discuss your work

A place of nourishment, an area of relaxation, casual team building and where management and staff can freely mingle together. Growing in importance and now considered a significant part of every organizations new workplace needs, ID Works can create an energizing and invigorating cafeteria, dining, break out or any other food and beverage requirement.

A seamless unified design

Today’s multi-task talented staff require a multitude of useful and working area options. A blurry line as to where work can be done runs between an office desk, a collaborative meeting booth, a communal team bench, a huddle room, or a soft seating area. At ID Works innovation and trend setting are part of the design teams culture as we continue to reinvent the future workplace

3. Make a private call, work alone undisturbed

Everyone knows how distracting some unwarranted noise within the office can be. Quieten them off with a beautifully designed and perfectly acoustic insulated telephone booth.

Booth is a beautifully designed wall-mounted telephone hood that provides instant & temporary privacy.

Defying the conventions of a traditional telephone booth thanks to its smooth lines & curved profile, Booth envelops you in a velvety shelter and creates a comfortable, quiet zone for private phone calls.

Booth is a highly technical product closed in a sensuous, unusual shape that will give your office interior a warm and soft touch.

4. Time for an informal group discussion

Decisions need to happen quicker than ever in today’s fast paced economy. A great place to share ideas and start a discussion, analysis or any other business consideration occurs within private, enclosed and purposefully built acoustically enhanced collaborative areas. Contact ID Works for our latest designs and ideas for your new office

Color coordinated to match with your organizations' corporate ID, acoustically built for privacy and highly effective in allowing open communication – the latest collaborative furniture from idworks comes in numerous shapes and styles

5. Attend a more inclusive and demanding meeting

A conference or boardroom can be both functional as well as dramatic – idworks can create an impressionable end result to suit all your organizations needs.

idworks can arrange delivery of your new office furniture direct from the factory to your new location without the need of an agent or distributor – thus allowing you to save up to 40% of the normal cost.

6. Have a break from yourself, stare out the window!!

DeskView was created to be the best standing desk, but grew to be so much more. Pull up a chair and work with a view, or add stylish shelving to your windows as a perfect, minimalist compliment to almost any interior space.