Creating workspaces people love

At ID Works, we create superior workspace designs tailor made to reflect your organization and how you work. All the elements that can help to increase efficiency, improve productivity, inspire and generally make work-life more rewarding. We provide teams or individual consultants to discuss and support the creation and design of your specific project. 

Sometimes discussions in an informal setting can be more effective and people are relaxed and speak their minds, such as in this exclusively designed multi workspace environment for Al-Rajhi Banking Corp. Riyadh HQ

People want to get away from fixed desks. They want to work at different levels and be surrounded by colleagues. This reception area doubles up as a work café and lounge for an investment firm in Saudi Arabia.

A smart workspace allows you to choose where you want to work. In this example for Microsoft Oman Al KOM both open lounge seating and private acoustic cabins are available.

In this design proposal for PIF Riyadh Saudi Arabia some people are brainstorming on a writable wall, someone is making a private phone call, others are having a meeting in a booth while their colleagues take a break. Meanwhile this private focus booth is waiting for someone to TEAMS or ZOOM video conference. Another fabulous multi-work anywhere design by ID Works.

This meeting area does not need a booking; just come and meet, plan, agree and take action. Let's embrace the new workspace philosophy: keep things simple, be flexible and love where you work.

Another type of meeting area that doesn’t need a booking. This is high bench sofa seating with hooded top exclusive to ID Works and has built-in super acoustic qualities. It’s genius is it is always available for quiet meetings, to work privately on your own and yet it is in the middle of the office open for all to use.

Rather the break out area be in an isolated part used irregularly it becomes an integral meeting point for colleagues to bond, collaborate on a project, unwind or just have a break with a nice view by placing it in the middle of work. It doesn’t cost more to build a great workspace people can love. Rather thinking about putting people first during the design phase is the key to a successful new office.

A moving writable wall that opens up and invites team members from other departments to participate and collaborate; this proactive, inspiring and confidence builder encourages success on all levels of the organization

Our capabilities

  • Design Concept
  • Design Development
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Scope of Work
  • MEP Load Calculations
  • Tender Bidding
  • Project Management Plan
  • Design Implementation