Leading design & build turn-key solutions provider

We cover the full development project from concept to completion as a turn-key solution with complete technical drawings and final testing and commissioning.

Where possible ID Works prefers to source all the required building materials for all our projects. Controlling the procurement as well as the logistics of the time critical fit-out material ensures your project is delivered on time.

We understand how important it is to finish your project without delays and ID Works has made this a central part of our promise to honour the handover date. From the moment ID Works is awarded the fit out works a fast track process of client submissions, client approvals, internal double checking systems and verification, material and factory ordering and continuous follow up kicks in. We don’t stop tracking and following up until the job is completed.

ID Works carpentry has become renowned for our expertise and innovative use of materials and we have our own R&D team based at our own partnership factory developing new finishes and styles.

Three main considerations for managing noise

  1. Acoustic wall panels offer superb quality solutions for noise and sound management within meeting rooms and private offices.
  2. Ceiling baffles if correctly sized and strategically placed can have a brilliant absorption and deflection effect by lowering to whisper-quiet noise levels within an open plan or a large workspace. 
  3. A wholistic sound management approach utilizing large desktop partitions, thicker carpet tiles, mineral fiber ceiling tiles, and fabric light fixtures are amongst the numerous acoustic management features that together can create a quiet workspace environment.

ID Works carries out the following fit-out works

Woodworks and plasterboard 


ID Works are partners with one of the Gulf’s largest and most sophisticated joinery workshops producing bespoke furniture and commercial joinery.

Our joinery factory employs the latest manufacturing technologies and benefits from a strong, skilled workforce steeped in a furniture-making tradition. Our cabinetmakers bridge the gap between centuries-old traditions of workmanship and the latest technical innovations, combining unique joinery skills with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Ceilings, LED lights and flooring works.


As much as possible ID Works sources all the required building materials for each project. WHY?

Controlling the procurement as well as the logistics of the fit-out material makes us 100% responsible for the deliverables. This ensures your promised delivery date is honored - without excuse

All ceiling systems, LED lights, flooring materials such as raised flooring, carpets, parquets, marble, and walls such as double glazed partitions and divisible walls are sourced by ID Works direct. In many cases, this translates to at least a 20-40% saving off the cost for such materials. And faster delivery time.

Complete MEP and fire services works including all civil defence and local municipality approvals & certification.

Glass Partition

Head Condition

Revolution 54 double glazing – Shoreditch Edition is available in two distinct designs, distinguished by the height of the frame; either 54mm (w) x 25mm (h) or 54mm (w) x 50mm (h) extrusions. Deflection heads can be introduced to accommodate up to +/-25mm or up to +/-40mm deflection.


A slimline aluminum framework is bonded to the glass vertically and horizontally, thereby retaining both the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partition, whilst at the same time giving the appearance of cutting through the glass. A number of unique finishes are available.

Base Condition

The aluminum base channel can either be 25mm or 50mm deep, depending upon your desired aesthetic, and features clip-in glazing beads.


Health and safety management systems

The Health and Safety of all personnel on site during any construction project is taken with absolute seriousness by ID Works. Health and safety are implemented before, during and after the construction journey at every step and no effort is spared to make this part of the works a success for all. From accessing the site, log in details of all visitors and workers, weekly construction shop talks, ensuring proper evacuation drills are carried with regular frequency, access to easy-to-reach fire extinguishers, adequate first aid kit and a fully fitted sick room medical service facility on site are just a few of the H&S policies that ID Works implements.